Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what a day

yesterday. what a day. i spent many more hours on shoots than i did sleeping.

want a recap? of course you do.

7am-meet up with brad (my boss) and braden (the other assistant) to photography the deans of the marriott business school for their annual christmas card. it was at an ice rink. it was freezing. they were on ice skates (mind you they're all 60+) and i spent the whole time praying none of them would fall and hurt themselves. i was also praying that the profocus light brad had borrowed from the photo department would not get the better of the flimsy boom it was on and fall crashing to the ice/floor.

11am-pull away from the ice rink(with feet that felt like they'd never be warm again) to go bouldering at the quarry with stacie.

1pm-off to school for still life class. we did a demo in the studio with 4x5 film, and at one point i fell asleep sprawled out on the floor. john kicked me to wake me up. i was probably snoring or something. i really should try harder to actually sleep at night.

3pm-on a frantic search for a block of chocolate and chocolate grater for my shoot.

4pm-shoot in the studio. hot chocolate in tiny blue espresso cups.

7:30pm-three prized possessions shoots in the studio at work. awesome images to post soon.

i love being able to spend my days taking pictures.

but today i need to start a five page paper that's due at midnight.

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Jenn~ said...

I hope you got it done in time....the paper that is....