Tuesday, August 26, 2008

golf marathon

i was asked to photograph the first anual utah golf marathon fundraiser. it was alot of fun to schmooze with all the utah golf celebrities.
seeing as i know nothing about golf (although now i think i know what a green is) the only person that i actually knew of before going was lavell edwards.
regardless of my golf ignorance, it was a great day. they played 54 consecutive holes at the thanksgiving point golf course.

bailey family

i've been climbing with stacie for about three years now, so it was alot of fun shooting her family portrait this past friday. her daughter emily is such a character.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more of france

these are from family party in honor of my great-aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary in southern france

these were taken at a cistercian monastery in provence

these shots are from the alps, where we had another family party in honor of my wedding

if you're wondering what a french family party entails, i can tell you that it's basically a six hour, four to six course lunch involving lots of wine, noise, toasts, and occasionally dancing/musical performances by young cousins.