Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the last two prized possessions for a while...

hilary and her favorite mate gourdemily and the 114 letters written to her by her by robert while he was on his mission

Friday, December 5, 2008

some things my mother gave me

hey look, it's me! i'm not dead or anything, just busy...
i've been wanting to do this mini series for a while featuring the pretty things my mom has given me over the years. as you can see, i finally found some time to do it this week.
i was originally thinking of photographing these on black, but ever since i bought this blue paper backdrop for the toaster shoot i've been wanting to photograph everything on blue.
it's just so pretty and soft.

anyways, the top image is a long strand of {fake} pearls from my moms costume jewelry collection. i used to play dress up with them and now i wear them to church...a nice transition.

in the middle is a gilded hand mirror that my mom bought from an antique shop {which hapenned to be owned by my middle-name-sake, marika} when she was in college.

the bottom is a tiffany charm bracelet my mom gave me for my sweet sixteen. she would give me a new charm everytime i accomplished something noteworthy.

that's all for now, tonight i'm off to peruse the beehive bazaar to find some handmade christmas gifts. it runs though tomorrow, so go check it out!