Thursday, November 20, 2008

some photos...

since i've been busy busy not taking any post worthy pictures (except an ad for a pur faucet that i copied for still life), i thought i'd put up a few work related photos you might enjoy.

1. remember that shoot last week i told you about? you rink, old guys on skates, freezing... yeah, these are some of the test shots.

2. here at byu publications and graphics, we occasionally get some odd requests. for example: we were given a copy of group portrait in which everyone is wearing baseball hats, and asked to replace them with christmas/new years hats. this led to an afternoon spent trying to imitate the light and position me correctly relative to the light wearing a series of party hats and santa hats and elf hats. this one is the best.
does anyone think i should make this my profile picture?
i kind of do.

*all photos by brad slade

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Jeremy and Sara said...

I miss you guys and the dungeon studio.