Thursday, November 13, 2008

here are the prized possessions i photographed on tuesday.

jessie's boots are morgan freeman approved*
trevor's typewriter is just awesome
and the bible that cate's sister lucy is holding belonged to brigham young

*wondering about morgan freeman? as the story goes, jessie had just gotten the boots and was wearing them in portland when morgan freeman walked past and said imagine this in his voice:
"those are some real nice boots."


Kersey and Preston said...

that is an awesome story about Morgan Freeman. She should write that down if she hasn't already.

GS Counselor: said...

Wow. I love your prized possesions photos. Two cents from the peanut gallery...standing alone each of these photos are masterful. When viewing three at once it was a little repetative to see them all holding their items in almost identical ways. I imagine you could publish these photos in a hard bound coffee table book along with the litte stories. They would be way more interesting with the itmes being held in different ways.