Sunday, September 21, 2008

scatter sunshine...

guess what i did today! yup, that's it. scattered sunshine. all over the studio.

our first assignment in my advanced digital class was to choose an image as our inspiration and to create our own version of it. i don't want to post copies of my "inspiration" photos because i feel like my own images fell far short of rivaling their quality. i will tell you that one of them was the june anthropologie cover, and the other was a cig harvey photograph from the archaeology of distraction portfolio. and they both involved clouds. my idea was to use the clouds, but bring in a little sunshine.

i suppose i'm happy with the results, but i'll admit i struggled with the light. i had planned on using the profoto 7-foot umbrella that we have in the studio where i work to flood the whole set evenly, and then add an accent to the model and to the sun. much to my distress, when i arrived at the studio this morning, the profoto kit was gone (someone must have taken it home for a weekend shoot). anyway, i had to use a much smaller umbrella and deal with clouds that were either blowing out or being darkened by other clouds shadows. anyway, these are some outtakes. you'll get to see the final image later, once i've tweaked it to my heart's content.

thanks to evelyn, our lovely model, and emily, who did the set design, makeup, and hair.

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