Thursday, September 11, 2008

fall...'s here. though the leaves aren't this color yet (i shot this two years ago), there have definitely been some sweater weather days. one thing that's gotten me in the fall mood is being back in school.
i'm wrapping up my second week of classes, and i can tell it's going to be a good semester. i'm really excited about my photo classes. i'm taking a still life class from john telford, and an advanced digital class from val brinkerhoff.

have i ever told you how highly i think of the byu photo program? it's a very small program, but that only makes it cozy: we all know eachother. i've always felt like i was being pushed just enough creatively and aesthetically. plus the facilities are great. i like the darkroom the best out of the ones i've worked in, we've got profoto in the studio, AND a hasselblad h3d (that i finally get to use this semester), AND a medium sized view camera with full movements to stick the hasselblad back on.
like i said, it's going to be a good semester.

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