Friday, April 4, 2008

megan's mock bridals

i shot these for a bridal assignment in my portrait class, and had originally planned on doing something similar to andreas laszlo konrath's my generation series, except with a bride instead of skaters and hooligans. sweet,right?
but then when megan and houston told me about the style they're going for on their engagement photos, i was so enamored with the idea that i decided to use it for the bridal assignment. even though megan doesn't have her dress yet, she graciously agreed to be my model. i went to d.i. and and found this incredible wedding dress for $10: massive amounts of lace, puffy sleeves, and a huge train. i doubt i could have bought the fabric for that dress for $10.
the theme was kind of a de-saturated sepia-ish high fashion-y look with modern/victorian influences.

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Adrianna said...

i'm a friend of Megan's and just want to say, these look great! you're work is really neat.. i'll definitely look to you if i need to hire a photographer.