Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the beginning

i suppose i should start at the beginning because ( julie andrews would agree) it is indeed the best place to start.
my name is claire marika goussard, and i'm a photographer.
i am currently based in provo, utah, working on a bfa in photography at brigham young university.

i've been photographing since my dad gave me my first camera, probably when i was fourteen or so. it was an old 35mm slr he decided was too bulky and impractical for him to run around with, a minolta x-370s, that i still shoot with.

i've worked as a photo assistant for two summers with tom addison of afsi in st. augustine florida for two summers, and for brad slade--the photographer for seeing the everyday and most byu publications--since january.

i decided to create this blog as more and more people have asked to see my work and have shown interest in my wedding photography. i also plan to start working on a website this summer.

thanks for checking this out, i'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

1 comment:

Karen Dorman said...

Hi Claire!
I love your work, it is so alive!
Your creative eye and wise, sensitive spirit brings out the beautiful in each photo for the rest of us to look upon in wonder and awe.
Thank you God, for Claire!