Sunday, March 15, 2009

an awesome font

andy and i teach primary.

for any of you out there who aren't aware of what that entails, means that every week we're responsible for teaching sunday school to a bunch of rowdy eight year olds for an hour, and then getting them to stay still and not speak in belches for another hour long group class called sharing time.

this week, our class was in charge of sharing time.
kind of scary...
i can't say i'm looking forward to the next time. at least we'll have learned our lesson not to give our kids candy beforehand.

on the upside, i had to print some scriptures, and i dug out an awesome font from my archives (i'm an avid font downloader).

this was my first time using it, but i definitely want to find some excuses to use it again.
if you're interested, i downladed it from here.

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Houston Trueblood said...

Nice typeface! And a great link, too! I think I'll download them all.