Wednesday, January 7, 2009

fifteen credits of bliss

and not a single 20 page research paper.

i have some vivid memories from my freshman year, when i was waiting to get into the photo program and just trying to get as many general ed. classes under my belt as possible, looking forward to the day when my class schedule would be filled with photo and art classes.

and now that time has come.

i don't mean to be overly dramatic here, but this is a big moment for me.
i'm totally done with all of my generals
and i only need two more anthropology classes to get my minor (which i'm putting off until next year)

i'm thrilled about my schedule this semester:

-alternative photographic processes
-business practices for photographers
-editorial photography

what more could a girl ask for?
it's going to be hard work, but its going to be work i enjoy.

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Sara said...

Bookbinding was the best class ever! Jeremy and I took it together. Actually, my studio art classes were by far my favorite, but bookbinding was great too. I bought five sheets of binders board before the class ended and went and cut 42 sets of covers. I'm still bookbinding in my living room. :)