Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i took these engagement photos this weekend for my friend alyssa. she and kekoa are getting married one june 28 (the same day as me!) in laie, hawaii.


Adrianna said...

i really love your photography, it's bright, fresh, and clean. it captures an element of life that just makes me happy.

Adrianna said...

oh, and i meant to tell you, i've never made truffles before, but i searched some recipes. if you go to www.tastespotting.com and search truffles there are some delicious looking recipes to try out. sorry i forgot to get back to you for so long!

kate + parker said...

claire! i got your message and somehow i lost your number (it was different than your old one right?). Our adress for the summer is 1220 72nd St. SE #102, Auburn WA 98092. You'll have to send us an invitaiton... crazy enough i will be in st. george the weekend of your wedding! my brother is getting married the very same day!